Trucking rates. Have we hit the bottom? Episode 30

Hey Truckers! Join us as we discuss rates. Rates last year vs this year and what's to come. How will states re-opening effect trucking? What was trucking like in 2008-2009 and how does that compare to what's happening now? What volume is out there and what are we moving more of now? Pssst... we are looking

Truckers on Strike. Will it work? Episode 29

Hey Truckers! We've seen it attempted in the past and now it is being discussed again. Will Truckers go on strike? What are they hoping to accomplish? What is causing them to consider it?

The PPP Loan Was Just Funded Again. Do You Qualify? Episode 28.

Hey Truckers! The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan was a part of the Cares Act and ran out of money last week...then was refunded last night with new legislation and Trumps Signature. Why is this important? If you qualify for the loan and follow the correct procedures, you can have 8 weeks of loan "forgiven"