Hey truckers! In this episode, Sebastian and Ray, the Head of Operations at Era Transport discuss Intermodal trucking. If you are curious how Intermodal started, why there was a need for it and the pro's/con's of Intermodal - then this episode is for you.

Hey truckers! Tune in for some honest trucker talk and ways to leverage load boards to triple your income. Chris is an owner operator and shares the biggest lessons he learned and some things you could consider to help your operation, whether you are new or a veteran driver. 

Hey Truckers! In this episode we have an honest conversation with Mike about the difficulties and wins he has experienced as an owner operator.

We Chat with our community about trucks and trucking. 

Hey Truckers!  In this episode we discuss our recent truck purchase.  
Why did I pull a trigger on a glider vs. emission truck.
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Hey Truckers!  In this episode we discuss fuel efficiency in old and new trucks. 
We share examples of some of our trucks in our fleet. 
This video was brought to you by Era Service and Era Transport in Chicago.

Interested in joining our team? We are Hiring Drivers, Dispatchers and Mechanics! 

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📣 Interested in being a guest on TruckYoo? Contact us here: http://truckyoo.com/contact-form​​

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Hey Truckers!  In this episode we discuss putting an old engine in an emissions semi truck. 

Hey truckers! In this episode, we welcome Wendy, the oil lady back to talk about Crew Collab. 

This organization is passionate about the blue collar workforce and have come together to bring attention to the opportunities available in the skilled trades. 

If you are passionate about what you do and you are interested in becoming an ambassador, we encourage you reach out to them on their website. If you know someone that is interested in the skilled trades, please share Crew Collab with them and encourage them to apply for the scholarship they are offering. 

Keep Trucking!

Hey Truckers!  In this episode we talk to Kyle and Danielle at Nevada Trucking and Trails about their journey. They started as truck drivers for a company and are in the process of becoming an OTR husband and wife team. Tune in to learn about their motivation to do this, how they financed their dream truck and what their plan is for the future. 

Hey Truckers! In this episode we talk lubricants for your semi truck with Wendy, the Oil Lady! (@the.oil.lady) If you are not sure what type of oil is best for your truck or WHY that oil is the best - then tune in to learn more. We also discuss the different type's of oils, best practices for your rig and what some of biggest mistakes drivers make with oil and their rig.

Hey Truckers!  In this episode, we go through alternative trucks to buy if the truck you want isn't available. The market is tough right now.  What's a good compromise for you?  Tune in to find out what your best options are and what problems to look for when buying what may not be your 1st choice.

Hey truckers! Preventative maintenance is SO important and if you are not on top of it it could cost you thousands in repairs. Don't forget PM schedule recommendations can be different for each type of semi truck and what type of work you doing.

Hey truckers! Should you buy or repair what you have? Is that maintenance bill worth it? Tune in as we discuss the current market and dive into what influenced the market to get where it is.

Hey truckers! In this podcast we interview Nico and Italo, the owners of Elite Trucks, USA in Miami, Florida. When Covid hit the United States they had plans with their family logistics company but quickly realized they had to pivot in order to survive. 

Tune in to hear about how they started their used semi truck dealership in the middle of Covid, how its going now and how they are helping truckers find the trucks they need for their operation.

Hey Truckers! In this video we dive into the stats of of the freight and transportation industry. How much revenue does truck driving generate per year? How hazardous is our industry? Whats the divorce rate among truck drivers? How does truck driver health compare to a non-driver? Tune in to hear about it!

Hey Truckers! In this video we walk through the history of Freightliner FLD, where it was when it started, what developments happened and why. We thought there were would be a run on FLD's and we test that theory from checking the prices on FLD's that are for sale right now.

Hey Truckers! In this episode we dive into what it really means to own a truck --- and questions to ask yourself to decide if you’re ready to buy one! We explain how to educate yourself to make an informed decision whenever you do decide to buy. Set yourself up for success as an owner/operator. You won’t make more money JUST because you own a truck. Tune in to find out why! Stay through to the end to hear Sebastian and Jose answer some Q & A from the Owner Operator Forum FB group!

Hey truckers! How many times have you had the same part break on your semi truck? Or how many times have you gone to a repair shop and a quote is different than another shop? Have you ever wondered why? That's what we dive into in this podcast episode. You can have the best mechanic, but they can only take maintenance and repairs as far as the quality of the part will allow. Tune in to hear about our experience with OEM and After Market parts.

Hey Truckers! We are back! A popular question we have been getting via email is "Should I buy a truck right now? Or should I wait?" We decided to dive into this question more and share the 3 things we evaluate when making this discussion.

Hey Truckers! So you bought a truck and the emissions systems were removed (Emissions were deleted) ...what options do you have now? Can you put everything back? If so, how much does it cost? What does a perfect delete look like? Tune in as we discuss the cost of adding emissions back.

Hey Truckers! Meet Jack! He was driving for a couple years and then became a dispatcher..then pivoted to become an owner operator. Tune in as we discuss his story and how he was able to purchase his first semi truck.

Hey Truckers! We hope everyone's new year is off to a great start. We get a lot of questions from you all about specific trucks! We do our best to answer them when we can in the comments, but we also save some of them for our videos. In this video we run through some of the questions and offer our insight. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us if you are one of these people. We appreciate you! Cheers to 2021.

Hey Truckers! We are starting a new series called Trucks Worth Buying. It's one of the most popular questions we get, "Should I buy this truck?" and "Is this a good model?" Today we kick it off with the Kenworth T600.

This episode will give you an idea of what could be a potential red flag when buying a new truck in 2021. 

Hey Truckers! In most of our episodes, we use lingo or abbreviations for everything about semi trucks and many subscribers have asked us to break it down or explain what we are talking about. If you want to learn more from our videos, then understanding some of these terms will be valuable. We hope this helps you! 

Hi Truckers! Join us as we welcome Paul again from I-294 Truck Sales for Part 2 of this podcast.We dive into financing, truck production, maintenance and how covid has effected these aspects of our industry.

In this episode, I interview Paul Antonelli from I-294 Truck Sales in Alsip, Illinois. He specializes in selling used semi trucks to owner operators and small fleets. We discuss the industry changes Paul is seeing in the market as well as the past vs current buying/selling trends and how the recent glider regulations have affected the glider market. If you have a truck you are interested in selling and its not worth as much as you owe, we discuss your options and how the purchasing process is different for small fleets to owner operators.

In this podcast episode we pick our 3 top favorite trucks for each trucking application. OTR, Regional, Local. Let us know what you would spec and pick for different types of trucking. #eratransport #eratruckservice #haulinamerica

In this episode we are chatting about Emissions and is it costly to convert it back. We also answer questions about emissions from the audience.

We recently had a 2014 Freightliner Cascadia come into the shop with multiple issues that were costly repairs. Could it have been prevented? Would you have put more money into this semi truck, or would you have walked away?

Hey Truckers! In this episode we interview Abed Yousef with Pearl Knight Transportation, an owner operator that made the transition from company truck driver 3 years ago.

Tune in to learn about:
- The model he is using for company and why it's successful
- Purchasing new trucks
- What he considers before adding new trucks
- What's been the most challenging as he tries to grow his operation
- How relationships affect growth opportunities
- How to retain drivers

Hey all! In this video we dive into the automatic vs manual semi truck discussion. Discussion starts at 6:00! We cover the pros and cons of each transmission, along with cost differences.


#semitruck #owneroperator #eraservice

Hey truckers! In this video we discuss buying a volvo D13 and we answer questions that were submitted by our subscribers.
Q & A From our Subscribers starts at 8:50

In this episode we compare parts prices of Volvo D13 and Cummins ISX.

Hey Truckers! Join us as we discuss rates. Rates last year vs this year and what's to come. How will states re-opening effect trucking? What was trucking like in 2008-2009 and how does that compare to what's happening now? What volume is out there and what are we moving more of now?

Pssst... we are looking for owner operators to interview for the Podcast too. Email us at truckyoo@truckyoo.com if you feel like you have a story to share that can help another trucker, or a message to share.

Hey Truckers! We've seen it attempted in the past and now it is being discussed again. Will Truckers go on strike? What are they hoping to accomplish? What is causing them to consider it?

Hey Truckers! The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan was a part of the Cares Act and ran out of money last week...then was refunded last night with new legislation and Trumps Signature. Why is this important? If you qualify for the loan and follow the correct procedures, you can have 8 weeks of loan "forgiven" as long as it is used what it is intended for. Tune in to hear a little bit more about the guidelines and what to expect. #ppploan #trucking #owneroperator #paycheckprotection

Hey Truckers! Hope you all are healthy and safe! We decided to discuss buying a truck in a recession. It's a question we've received from truckers given the current circumstances. We discuss the market a little bit, type of trucks to look at and what we are seeing in the current market for trucks for sale. <iframe title="Truck Yoo - Big Rig Talk. Episode 10. ELD Headaches" height="122" width="100%" style="border: none;" scrolling="no" data-name="pb-iframe-player" src="https://www.podbean.com/media/player/qwtcg-cb45b3?from=yiiadmin&download=1&version=1&skin=1&btn-skin=107&auto=0&share=1&fonts=Helvetica&download=1&rtl=0&pbad=1"></iframe>